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Jordan steel factory


Jordan steel factory

Portable Caravans and Prefabricated Buildings

One of the Major Divisions which is totally produced and developed in Jordan Pioneer for metal Industry. We are considered one of the leader companies for manufacturing prefabricated buildings and caravans, Our wide range of prefabricated building and portable caravans with high quality standard that we can construct site offices, accommodation, dining, ablution, laundry, clinic and class room units as well as latrine caravans, labor camps and V.I.P caravans.

Jordan steel factory
Jordan steel factory
Jordan steel factory

Steel Fencing

Is one of the Major Divisions which is totally produced and developed in JP, with high quality standard that we can construct steel fencing with different heights and thicknesses.
We provide engineered total fencing solutions to protect industrial buildings, private gardens, public infrastructures, rails, and livestock.
Hexagonal wire mesh is manufactured in galvanized iron or PVC coated wire, its corrosion resistance and oxidation serves well as strengthening protection.

Chain link production line features: 

  • Max mesh height is up to 6M height

  • Production capacity 260.00m²/hour

  • Roll model: Normal – Combi – Semi Compact – Compact

Light Gauge Steel Frame

LGSF system is a new modern environmental Eco friendly system used on prefabricated building and residential houses with low, medium, and high cost options. System has a flexibility to construct multi story building.

Light gauge steel frame Solutions Advantages:

  • Maximizing return on investment

  • Save time on design, production and        construction up to 30% vs timber

  • Reduce errors with precise 3D modelling

  • Competitive advantage with increased      product range

  • Increase quality, speed and accuracy

  • Durable, user friendly, pest and rot resistant

  • Save on manpower; do more with fewer skilled people

Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panel

JP was always considered the pioneers in the metal services industries in the Jordanian market as well as the surrounding ones for producing insulated sandwich panels with all its accessories as a complete cladding system.

Which has the following  features:

  •  Production capacity about 1,000,000.00 m2 / year.

  • Auto stacking and packing.

  • Fully automated.

  • Panel thickness: 40, 50, 80, 100, 125, and150 mm.

Sandwich panels Advantages:

  • Remarkable energy saving, high durability and environmentally friendly

  • Economic construction  and excellent water proof.

  • Best insulation with minimum K-value

  • Resistance to fouling and molds and doesn’t rot.

Jordan steel factory


Jordan Pioneer was established in middle of 2004, in Amman as a single division company specialized on manufacture, supply, and  construct of portable caravans, prefabricated building, light gauge steel frame building, insulated sandwich panel, cladding solution, and steel fencing.

We are certified to Quality assurance certification ISO9001-2008, Environmental certification OHSA 18001-2007, and safety certification ISO14001-2004 this success would not have been achieved without the strict adherence to the highest standard Management and training, Utilizing the latest technique in engineering and manufacturing and sincere commitment to customer service.

JP is fully equipped large modern factory built on 60,000m² piece of land. The covered area is 40,000m². Catering all possible requirements associated with metal products to the highest standards of accuracy and proficiency. 

Since 2004 Jordan Pioneer for metal Industry has successfully supplied many demands assignments and covers large projects in Jordan and other regions such as Middle East, Arab Gulf area, Yemen, Iraq, Africa, and Afghanistan.

Jordan steel factory
Jordan steel factory
Jordan steel factory


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Portable Caravans and Prefabricated Buildings

Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panel



Jordan steel factory



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Head Office

Airport Road - Al Qastal Industrial Zone 

Cargo road

P.O. Box 475 Amman -11953 Jordan 

Tel: +926 6 4711334 

Fax: +962 6 4711338


To apply for a job at Jordan Pioneers, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: 

Get a quote: +926 6 4711334 

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